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We are also authorized and offer hiking, backpacking, and camping trips in Utah, California, Nevada, and other parts of Arizona. Please reach out to us if you are interested in exploring any of these additional locations!

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A tour with Wild Adventure Life is more than just a hike. When you go out with us you are creating memories from a journey that will last a lifetime. The trails, lookouts, and scenery will leave you in awe and wanting more. The Grand Canyon is one of Earth’s most beautiful features and is a must see for you and the entire family!

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We’ll take you on journeys that will give you memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Grand Canyon Tours with Adventure Life
Grand Canyon Tours with Adventure Life
Grand Canyon Tours with Adventure Life
Grand Canyon Tours with Adventure Life
Grand Canyon Tours with Adventure Life

Which Tour is Right For You?

Wild Adventure life has multiple stunning tours and it may be hard to choose from. We offer base camp tours, backpack tours, different terrain tours, multiple day tours, and our classic day tours. If you are looking for a challenge you may be more interested in our back pack trips. But, if you want to take it easy and see some beautiful spots the canyon has to offer, try our day trips selection. Either way, we are excited to hike with you and see nature at its finest!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Safety Considerations?

We are always committed to safety first and will be led by a professional guide with WFR qualifications for medical training. Please be assured that we are aware of the procedure for dealing with emergencies. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Where Do We Meet?

Unless otherwise specified, we will pick you up at your hotel in Las Vegas.

What's the Weather Like at the Grand Canyon?

Our tours are available all throughout the year, but the temperature difference between the Grand Canyon rim and the valley floor is as large as 15° C, so please refer to the list of basic equipment when applying. You can see details on the weather in Japanese here

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    Voices of Adventure Life Participants

    Impressed By the Magnificent Scenery

    I was impressed by the magnificent scenery that the Grand Canyon had to offer. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I had the pleasure of exploring this beautiful place. I was absolutely fascinated by the Grand Canyon, and I hope to go on another trip with Adam some day. 

    A Journey of the Mind

    Adam did more than just guide tourist destinations. His guide led me on a journey of the mind. I am full of gratitude. While writing this, tears of joy overflowed and I couldn’t see the screen! Thank you for your services, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for getting back what I had lost.

    Fluent in Japanese and English

    I participated in the tour with Adam as my guide. He is fluent in Japanese and English which offered me peace of mind during the whole trip. This was my first time to the Grand Canyon and it was a wonderful and memorable trip. If Adam is my guide, I will certainly go again.