The Highlights

  • Rarely seen gorgeous views going down the Grandview Trail
  • Historic remnants of Pete Berry's cabin & Lance Chance Mine
  • Unforgettable and adventurous camping along the Tonto trail, Hance Rapids and Red Canyon
  • Papago Slide and Wall
  • Solitude




Day 1 –

Grand View Point to Hance Creek:

(Distance: Approx. 4.9 Miles / 3,700ft Elevation Loss)


Meet @ trailhead or hotel & shuttle to the Grand View Point.

Begin Hike towards Hance Creek via Grand View Trial & Tonto Trail.

Lunch (on Trail) @ Coconino Saddle (1.1 miles from Grand View trailhead)

Arrive @ Horseshoe Mesa (1.9 miles from Coconino Saddle).

Explore Horseshoe Mesa & the remnants of Pete Berry’s cabin, which is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

A little further down the trail will pass by Last Chance Mine & Page (Miners) Spring.

Arrive Hance Creek – Set up camp


Dinner & Sunset - End Day 1


Day 2 –

Hance Creek to Colorado River- Hance Rapids Beach:

(Distance: Approx 6.5 Miles / 1,092ft Elevation Loss)



After breakfast, we will pack-up camp and begin our hike to Hance Rapids on the Colorado River.

For the most part, we will be walking across the relatively flat Tonto Plateau towards our camp near Hance Rapids. The views of the Grand Canyon along the Tonto Plateau are nothing short of breathtaking and helps to make our furthest hike day of 6.5 miles pass much more enjoyable.

We will have lunch along the trail before dropping into the inner gorge for our final descent.

Arrive & set up camp near Hance Rapids.

(Time permitting and if there is any interest, we can explore along the banks of the Colorado, and or hike 1 mile and explore the Papago Slide and Wall.)


Dinner & Sunset – End Day 2


Day 3 –

Hance Rapids to Lower or Upper Redwall Canyon

(Distance: Approx 3-4 Miles / 1,000 – 1,800ft Elevation Gain)



After breakfast, we will pack-up camp and begin our hike up the famous Red Canyon on the New Hance trail.

The New Hance trail is an inner canyon trail and notoriously rough and obscure. However, if you take your time and carefully ascend this trail, it can be quite enjoyable. Several of my clients have chosen this as their favorite trail. Due to the steepness and obscurity of the trail, we will only be hiking 3 – 4 miles, depending on how we feel and on our progress. We will either camp near a hidden oasis in the lower canyon or make our way further up the canyon to shorten our final day and accent.

We will again enjoy lunch somewhere along the trial and explore Red Canyon as we climb up and feel so inspired to do.

Arrive & set up camp.


Dinner & Sunset – End Day 3


Day 4 – 

Redwall Canyon – New Hance Trail Head

(Distance: Approx 2.5 – 3.5 Miles / 2,000 – 2,800ft Elevation Gain)


After breakfast we will pack-up camp and begin our final ascent, hiking up and out of Red Canyon. We will traverse the Supai and Red Wall formations into a dry creek bed. After following the creek for awhile we’ll hike and scramble up out of the Canyon to the trailhead and the end of our wild adventure backpacking the infamous New Hance Loop.

Arrive Trailhead and say our farewells or shuttle back to your hotel.

End Day 4

Grandview to New Hance Loop

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